The Call for As Below, So Above!

as below, so aboveA couple of things happened this week which really provided a contrast for us in Accountability; one was at the A couple of things happened this week which really provided a contrast for us in Accountability; one was at the global level, and one was at a much more local level, but there were huge lessons for us in both.

First the global level; the announcement concerning the result of the investigation into the shooting down of MH 17, the Malaysian 777 aircraft shot own in July of last year, killing 298 people. There seems to be no doubt that the aircraft was brought down by a missile – the only question is, who fired it? Cue much finger-pointing; the Russians blame the Ukrainian separatists, the Ukrainians blame the Russian special services. One thing you can bet on with absolute certainty; no-one will ever be held accountable, and the families of the 298 will never see any justice done.

Now, a simple story at the local level. On the surface, it may seem mundane and insensitive to mention this story in the same article, but bear with us – there’s a lesson here. We were out of town in California for ten days recently, and as we always do, we put our mail on hold, with a “resume delivery” date. The mail wasn’t delivered on the due date, so we went to the Post Office to check, but the mail couldn’t be found. The associate we spoke with suggested we check back the next week, and call the office. We said “have you ever tried to call a Post Office? Nobody ever answers the phone!” So what happened? The associate, his name was Guy, and we hope he reads this – said, “Here’s my personal cellphone number. You can call me, and I’ll track it down for you.” Imagine that, a government employee making a personal commitment, taking accountability, and would you believe, giving out his cell number! Washington, please note! Later that day, a Saturday! he called to say he’d tracked it down, and where to pick it up at 6:00 pm on a Saturday night.

Here’s our point. Maybe we need “As Below, So Above.” Many of you will recognize this as an inversion of Brian’s favorite quote. What if governments were to exhibit the same spirit of personal accountability that Guy did, instead of finger-pointing, deflecting, and avoiding accountability? Would the families of the 298 receive justice? Would Washington be a better place?