Strong on Accountability

Here in Austin, Texas all the buzz is about the University of Texas’s new football coach.  Charlie Strong is his name and you know what we like?  He’s “strong” on Accountability.  Yea!  Just what the Longhorns need! Yes, accountability is about to get real in the football program.  The culture needs to change and that […]

Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix? – Why we wrote this book

Click this link to watch a video about Why We Wrote “Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix?

As Above, So Below: Four Critical Actions Leaders Can Take Now to Build a Culture of Accountability in 2014

If you can’t figure out why your company can’t seem to shake its negative culture, look in the mirror. Authors Julie Miller and Brian Bedford explain why “as above, so below” is a universal phenomenon—and provide tips on how to create a culture of accountability from the top down. Austin, TX (December 2013)—Almost every leader […]

“Accountability. Yes, it exists.”

At least that is true at Schwab.  Did you see their full page newspaper ad last week?  Isn’t it nice to see in this day and age, to find someone, anyone willing to hold themselves accountable? Here’s what they said, “At Schwab, we believe every investor deserves accountability. If for any reason you’re not happy […]

Tales & Lessons of Travel Hell

What an interesting and exhausting last few days! The country has been suffering through an icy winter storm and we were on the periphery of the bad weather, but certainly not unaffected – given that we were on our way back from our annual family vacation, trying to fly to the DFW airport from Miami. […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… Making Sure Everyone Understands the Values

Is training given to ensure common understanding of the values? Values are very personal things. Your understanding of values is based on your life experience, upbringing, origin, and many other things; unless there is common understanding, confusion will result. Value-driven companies will ensure that common understanding exists across all levels of the business by providing […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… Including Values in the Performance Management Process

Are values a part of the performance management process? Companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they approach performance management. In addition to the dreaded appraisal form itself, there are forced ranking processes, and rating and ranking processes, all of which affect who gets promoted, who gets the best raises, and who gets fired when […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… Telling the Truth

Do leaders tell the truth, even when it’s tough? This is probably the most important question in terms of defining a values-driven organization. Are employees regarded as adults who are capable of understanding and accepting the reasons behind tough decisions, or do the leaders believe they can’t tell the employees the full story, because it’s […]

Leaders Define the Culture By…

Over the next few blogs, we’ll share some ways to check if your company, or the company you are thinking of joining, has the culture it professes, or if the words of its leaders are simply window dressing with no substance behind them. Look at the websites of most major companies, or in their publicity […]