What Distractions Do You Need to Eliminate?

If you’ve followed our blog, you know that we are huge University of Texas fans. During this Thanksgiving season, we are especially thankful for our football head coach, Charlie Strong. Why? He’s the perfect role model for Accountable Leadership. He started off the season warning fans not to expect a bowl game this year. Many […]

Fix the Culture!

How many CEO’s value the culture of their organizations as the main driver of the company’s success?  How many really take the time to define what the culture should be, cultivate it, nurture it, and the most difficult part, make sure all employees uphold it?  We’re talking way beyond posting Core Values on conference room […]

What Can Cricket Teach Us About Culture?

I know cricket isn’t high on most US sports lovers’ lists, but the England national team management recently faced a dilemma we often see in our consulting practice. It concerned a star batsman, Kevin Pietersen. Pietersen is one of world cricket’s most charismatic players, with great statistics, and capable of outstanding brilliance when in the […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… Making Sure Everyone Understands the Values

Is training given to ensure common understanding of the values? Values are very personal things. Your understanding of values is based on your life experience, upbringing, origin, and many other things; unless there is common understanding, confusion will result. Value-driven companies will ensure that common understanding exists across all levels of the business by providing […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… Telling the Truth

Do leaders tell the truth, even when it’s tough? This is probably the most important question in terms of defining a values-driven organization. Are employees regarded as adults who are capable of understanding and accepting the reasons behind tough decisions, or do the leaders believe they can’t tell the employees the full story, because it’s […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… What Gets Rewarded

What gets rewarded? It’s not just about the obvious rewards; bonuses, raises, promotions. It’s also about who gets a public pat on the back from the boss, and who gets a mention in a meeting for good work. What are the behaviors that are seen to deserve these rewards, and do they line up with […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… Letting You Speak Up

Is it OK to speak up? Are you encouraged to speak your mind, even if you’re criticizing your boss’s pet project? What happens when you do? Is there what Warren Bennis calls a “culture of candor”? Great leaders and great companies want the truth, even when it hurts. The people with the best view of […]

Leaders Define the Culture By…

Over the next few blogs, we’ll share some ways to check if your company, or the company you are thinking of joining, has the culture it professes, or if the words of its leaders are simply window dressing with no substance behind them. Look at the websites of most major companies, or in their publicity […]