Lame Decisions and Tarnished Reputations

        What is so hard about doing the right thing?  Why is it so difficult for some leaders to make decisions when the answer seems so obvious to the rest of us?  Why does it take advertisers to pull their support and public outrage to help get to what should have been […]

Aliens, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump

Do you remember the old joke – if aliens were to come to earth and watch dog owners following their dogs around picking up their “deposits” they would think that dogs must rule our planet? Well, we’ve been wondering lately what aliens would think if they landed now and saw what was going on. First […]

Charleston: Forgiveness versus Retaliation

  In this blog, we’ve always been reluctant to dip our toes into the murky pools occupied by the issues of race, guns and politics, but after the events of these last few days in Charleston, we feel compelled to make an exception. Since we have a global audience, we want to make sure everyone […]

Footballs, Ice Cream & the Mighty Dollar

Well, here we go again.  Call us crazy, but we keep expecting accountability to change or at least hoping people will learn from prior mistakes and make a better decision the next time around.  The investigation into the New England Patriots football deflategate fiasco is still ongoing.  In a letter from the NFL’s Executive VP […]

What Distractions Do You Need to Eliminate?

If you’ve followed our blog, you know that we are huge University of Texas fans. During this Thanksgiving season, we are especially thankful for our football head coach, Charlie Strong. Why? He’s the perfect role model for Accountable Leadership. He started off the season warning fans not to expect a bowl game this year. Many […]


Think about it…for many of us, our moms were our first glimpse of an Accountable Leader. We ask a lot of people when they first learned about accountability and most tell stories of their childhood. My first lesson about accountability sticks with me to this day and yes, my mom was a huge part of […]

What Can Cricket Teach Us About Culture?

I know cricket isn’t high on most US sports lovers’ lists, but the England national team management recently faced a dilemma we often see in our consulting practice. It concerned a star batsman, Kevin Pietersen. Pietersen is one of world cricket’s most charismatic players, with great statistics, and capable of outstanding brilliance when in the […]

Is Accountability More Like Glue or Teflon at Your Organization?

If you know you and your employees have been lax about keeping to your company’s core values and you’re afraid of the lasting effects it could have on your company, Julie Miller and Brian Bedford explain how you can make accountability stick in 2014.                Austin, TX (December 2013)—As a leader at your organization, you […]

Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix? – Why we wrote this book

Click this link to watch a video about Why We Wrote “Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix?

As Above, So Below: Four Critical Actions Leaders Can Take Now to Build a Culture of Accountability in 2014

If you can’t figure out why your company can’t seem to shake its negative culture, look in the mirror. Authors Julie Miller and Brian Bedford explain why “as above, so below” is a universal phenomenon—and provide tips on how to create a culture of accountability from the top down. Austin, TX (December 2013)—Almost every leader […]