5 Accountability Tips for Emailers

Think! Do you really need to reply all? A quick “thanks” or “ok” lets the sender know the message was received Everyone gets a ton of email these days, get to the point or even enter your comments in bullets to make it easier to read. Don’t expect an instant response regardless of the time […]

Leaders Define the Culture By… What Gets Rewarded

What gets rewarded? It’s not just about the obvious rewards; bonuses, raises, promotions. It’s also about who gets a public pat on the back from the boss, and who gets a mention in a meeting for good work. What are the behaviors that are seen to deserve these rewards, and do they line up with […]

Leaders Define the Culture By…

Over the next few blogs, we’ll share some ways to check if your company, or the company you are thinking of joining, has the culture it professes, or if the words of its leaders are simply window dressing with no substance behind them. Look at the websites of most major companies, or in their publicity […]