As Above, So Below: Four Critical Actions Leaders Can Take Now to Build a Culture of Accountability in 2014

If you can’t figure out why your company can’t seem to shake its negative culture, look in the mirror. Authors Julie Miller and Brian Bedford explain why “as above, so below” is a universal phenomenon—and provide tips on how to create a culture of accountability from the top down. Austin, TX (December 2013)—Almost every leader […]

Tales & Lessons of Travel Hell

What an interesting and exhausting last few days! The country has been suffering through an icy winter storm and we were on the periphery of the bad weather, but certainly not unaffected – given that we were on our way back from our annual family vacation, trying to fly to the DFW airport from Miami. […]

The Culture of Mergers & Acquisitions

The media these days is full of stories about Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), as companies try to grow their business, and gain greater traction in their chosen markets. They range in size from huge – like the proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways, to small – like when an internet giant like Yahoo […]

Accountability in Italia

Here’s a heart story on Accountability for you. We were in Siena, Tuscany with some good friends a couple of weeks ago. After a great day exploring the city, we had dinner in an outstanding restaurant near Il Campo called Le Logge, which we’d highly recommend to anyone who visits Siena. Besides great food, check […]

Hello and welcome!

With our inaugural post we’d like to tell you about the things that we’ll be writing here in the coming weeks and months. We have a passion for success in organizations as well as for individuals and the communities in which they live. Here you will find us talking about things which make a difference […]