Insights Discovery

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The Insights Discovery System, based on the work of Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung, is easy to understand, fun and interactive, and helps participants understand themselves and others better.  A huge benefit is it can be put into practice immediately.  The use of color energies – Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow,, Earth Green and Cool Blue – creates a memorable common language and framework on which participants can base their interactions in the future.  It is the perfect tool to help with interactions between individuals and the interaction within teams.

Each participant receives a comprehensive 20 – 30 page profile providing information on personal style, strengths and possible weaknesses, communication, value to the team, blind spots and development areas.  Using each participant’s Insights Discovery profile, the program enables individuals to understand their own behavior preferences better, to identify other types of personalities or behavior patterns and adapt to ensure better communication which yields better outcomes.

Insights Customized solutions can help improve your effectiveness in 5 key areas:

  • Individual Effectiveness – Improving self-understanding and personal impact.
  • Team Effectiveness – Creating high-performing teams and improving team dynamics.
  • Organization Effectiveness – Creating an inspired culture, aligning corporate personality with strategic goals.
  • Sales Effectiveness – Connecting with customers, achieving excellence at each stage of the sales process.

You may ask, “How does this compare to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or DiSC?”.   We feel Insights is a much better tool than either of these.  Insights Discovery offers customized reports which the others don’t, and what you learn sticks with you long after the workshop is over.  If you ask someone what they remember about their MBTI results, I’d be willing to bet they might be able to tell you their letters, but not much after that, which isn’t very useful going forward.  Unlike DiSC, Insights graphically depicts that you have all the energies included and to what extent each is represented in you.  Insights understands that not all people who fall within a given classification are she same, and it differentiates results accordingly.

 Executive Team Building – using Insights Discovery

Leadership teams are usually made up of strong individuals with varying styles, and this can sometimes lead to conflict. If each member has a greater understanding of the strengths and limitations of other team members, and how best to communicate with one another, the effectiveness of the team will improve. We don’t suggest playing games or climbing ropes to make a team more effective. Rather, we make sure the issues which are limiting the organization’s success are identified and addressed.  We use Insights Discovery to help.

Here’s our approach to Team Building:

  • Interview team members to capture the key issues limiting success
  • Facilitate the team through and Insights Discovery Workshop to understand each other’s leadership style better and view the team profile as a whole
  • Review key organizational issues as identified during the interviews
  • Facilitate a session to help the team determine actions required to address the organizational issues