Does Your Culture Entice or Turn Off Recruits?

recruiting and cultureWe think we’ll share another football example!  Insistent upon installing a new culture in the football program at The University of Texas, Coach Charlie Strong instituted a set of Core Values. Those values are his expectations for his players both on and off the field.  To be eligible to be part of the program, you must abide by the values.  And by the way, he applies consequences including eliminating star players from the roster.  Has that been painful for Coach Strong?  You bet!  Was it painful for UT fans?  Yes, of course!  The 2015 season at UT was 5 wins; 7 losses – not what Texas fans expect. But has Coach Strong’s set of Core Values made a difference?  Time will tell if the results are there, but Texas showed a National Top Ten performance in recruiting this year.  Could the recruits appreciate the culture?  What about their parents?  We think it’s making a difference. 

Recently, Baron Browning, ranked as the second best linebacker in the country in 2017 just de-committed from Baylor – rumor has it that TCU and Texas are in the mix.  Both coaches, Coach Paterson of TCU and Coach Strong operate strong values college programs.  Is there a lesson here that companies can learn?  You bet!