Perceptions & Reputations

Can peoples’ actions influence our perceptions? Can someone have a reputation that makes you give them some slack when you hear a news story about them? And others, at the mere mention of their name, you say, “What have they done now?” Recently, we’ve had some interesting stories to think about. When the whole “deflate-gate” […]

Accountability Heroes and Zeros of 2014

We thought it might be interesting to look back at 2014 and see who and what stood out – either as highlights or as lowlights in the area of accountability. Sadly, it is not difficult to find the lowlights – really, we could ask you right now and we bet you could rattle off 3 […]

Ho Ho Ho or Bah Humbug?

  What choices are YOU planning to make over the holidays? As we approach the holiday period, each of us has a choice of how we choose to deal with the holiday stress: the shopping, the cooking, house guests and parties. The way we choose to behave is the one thing over which we have […]

What Can Cricket Teach Us About Culture?

I know cricket isn’t high on most US sports lovers’ lists, but the England national team management recently faced a dilemma we often see in our consulting practice. It concerned a star batsman, Kevin Pietersen. Pietersen is one of world cricket’s most charismatic players, with great statistics, and capable of outstanding brilliance when in the […]

The Next Generation

Whose responsibility is it to prepare the next generation to be successful in whatever they hope to achieve?  Tough question – lots of people have a role to play.  Obviously a great deal of the responsibility lies with the individuals themselves.  Each individual has to have the desire to want something enough to strive for […]

Is Accountability More Like Glue or Teflon at Your Organization?

If you know you and your employees have been lax about keeping to your company’s core values and you’re afraid of the lasting effects it could have on your company, Julie Miller and Brian Bedford explain how you can make accountability stick in 2014.                Austin, TX (December 2013)—As a leader at your organization, you […]

Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix? – Why we wrote this book

Click this link to watch a video about Why We Wrote “Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix?

“Accountability. Yes, it exists.”

At least that is true at Schwab.  Did you see their full page newspaper ad last week?  Isn’t it nice to see in this day and age, to find someone, anyone willing to hold themselves accountable? Here’s what they said, “At Schwab, we believe every investor deserves accountability. If for any reason you’re not happy […]

MillerBedford Shows Off New Website

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