5 Accountability Tips for Air Travelers and Airlines

Air Travelers       Don’t barge to get on the plane first. Believe it or not, you are not more important than everyone else. Do share shared space: Don’t hog the overhead bins. Put your seat back slowly so you don’t sever the legs of your fellow passengers. The toilet is not your personal space for primping […]

5 Accountability Tips for Emailers

Think! Do you really need to reply all? A quick “thanks” or “ok” lets the sender know the message was received Everyone gets a ton of email these days, get to the point or even enter your comments in bullets to make it easier to read. Don’t expect an instant response regardless of the time […]

Lame Decisions and Tarnished Reputations

        What is so hard about doing the right thing?  Why is it so difficult for some leaders to make decisions when the answer seems so obvious to the rest of us?  Why does it take advertisers to pull their support and public outrage to help get to what should have been […]

The Olympic Version of Accountability

We don’t know about you, but we are Olympic junkies!  Really, we love all the different sporting events and we really love all the back stories of the athletes. Some of them are teary-making; what they or their families have overcome just to be able to be there.  Even without obstacles, just making it to that […]

Does Your Culture Entice or Turn Off Recruits?

We think we’ll share another football example!  Insistent upon installing a new culture in the football program at The University of Texas, Coach Charlie Strong instituted a set of Core Values. Those values are his expectations for his players both on and off the field.  To be eligible to be part of the program, you must […]

Is Your Culture Accelerating Toward A Slippery Slope

How does a culture get out of whack?  Does it happen all at once or does it happen more over time?  We think it tends to happen gradually.   A small thing left uncorrected may lead to another, and then bigger things.  Consider if this culture is getting out of whack. There was an incident last […]

Accountability Heroes & Zeros of 2015

Back by popular demand!  It’s time for our annual Accountability Heroes and Zeros list!  When we look back at all that was 2015, who was accountable and who wasn’t?  Who provided leadership in a way that sets a good example for others and who didn’t? As we’ve said before, if we asked you to rattle […]

Aliens, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump

Do you remember the old joke – if aliens were to come to earth and watch dog owners following their dogs around picking up their “deposits” they would think that dogs must rule our planet? Well, we’ve been wondering lately what aliens would think if they landed now and saw what was going on. First […]

Charleston: Forgiveness versus Retaliation

  In this blog, we’ve always been reluctant to dip our toes into the murky pools occupied by the issues of race, guns and politics, but after the events of these last few days in Charleston, we feel compelled to make an exception. Since we have a global audience, we want to make sure everyone […]

Perceptions & Reputations

Can peoples’ actions influence our perceptions? Can someone have a reputation that makes you give them some slack when you hear a news story about them? And others, at the mere mention of their name, you say, “What have they done now?” Recently, we’ve had some interesting stories to think about. When the whole “deflate-gate” […]