Aliens, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump


Do you remember the old joke – if aliens were to come to earth and watch dog owners following their dogs around picking up their “deposits” they would think that dogs must rule our planet? Well, we’ve been wondering lately what aliens would think if they landed now and saw what was going on.

First you have Bill Cosby, once an icon for family values and a moralistic leader encouraging the black community toward education and elevation. With recent events, the truer picture of him is coming to light – a very opposite one in fact – one of a serial predator who used his fame and drugs to take advantage of women including sexually abusing them.

Secondly, there’s Donald Trump, running for the President of the United States of America. Not just any old office, but our President. He has made comments about Mexican immigrants, They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” And more recently harshly judging war heroes, like Senator McCain, for only being a hero because he was captured as a POW (Prisoner of War).

Apparently, recent polls reveal, he is one of the leaders in the ever-growing list of GOP candidates. What does that say about us – that our citizens are impressed with him and his bombast? Really? As if the hair wasn’t enough!

I think we’re with the aliens on this one. Who’s running this place? And what have we become? We think it’s time for more accountable leadership and fast!