5 Accountability Tips for Air Travelers and Airlines

Air Travelers      

  1. Don’t barge to get on the plane first. Believe it or not, you are not more important than everyone else.
  2. Do share shared space: Don’t hog the overhead bins. Put your seat back slowly so you don’t sever the legs of your fellow passengers.
  3. The toilet is not your personal space for primping – do your business and get out!
  4. Keep all smells to a minimum – yes, the obvious, but don’t take this as the time to put on that last coat of nail polish or apply cologne. While we’re at it, don’t clip your nails or floss your teeth!  Yuck!!
  5. We know it is time for family travel and accept that kids may struggle with the confined space, but please don’t let them kick the back of my seat all the way to where we’re going!


  1. Tell the truth – the whole truth – as customer, we deserve to know.
  2. Don’t put your convenience before ours, last time we checked, an airline only stays in business if it has customers.
  3. Please treat us with respect and we will do the same for you.
  4. We understand that all things aren’t in your control, but please apologize when things go wrong.
  5. This may be our first time to fly or our 1000th, help us want to fly with you again.